When should I start my child with braces in Troy, IL
When should I start my child with braces in Troy, IL

Here’s what you need to know about starting your child on braces

When it comes to childhood, braces are just one of those things that many people have to experience. They make us feel awkward or embarrassed, but come time that are children turn that age, they’ll be doing the same thing. The benefits of having straight teeth go beyond aesthetics because it’s just better for overall oral health. However, there is a frequently asked question about what age is best to start braces on. The answer may surprise you – read on for details about the optimal age for braces and other helpful information!

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The best age for braces

The best age for braces is likely in the middle school years (11-14) or around that time. While younger children can still get braces, it’s better for middle school age children due to a variety of factors. Braces are an investment by the parents, but they’re a responsibility for the children, and you need to be able to ensure that your children can handle it. Here’s why middle school is the best age for braces.

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Physical Development

The first reason that this is the best age for braces has to do with the physical development of the child. Braces work best when they’re worn while the child is still growing. Additionally, usually, by this time, all of the baby teeth have fallen out, which means the orthodontist won’t have to account for growing teeth while treating you.

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Maturity Level

This is also a big factor because having braces is a big responsibility. They require regular care and maintenance including changing rubber bands, brushing and reporting to appointments. Additionally, after-braces care is just as intensive as most patients have to wear a retainer for a longtime after the braces come off.

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Avoid Awkwardness

While this may seem like a silly reason, high school can be a difficult time to have a child in braces. Likewise, everyone seems awkward in middle school and you likely won’t be the only one in your class with braces.

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What if I can’t afford braces for my child?

That’s okay! This isn’t a window that you must hit to get your child braces or aligners. Children and adults of all ages can benefit from braces or teeth aligners. This is a good investment in your child’s overall oral health no matter when you can afford it!

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