Ways to achieve a brighter smile in Troy, IL
Ways to achieve a brighter smile in Troy, IL

Ways to Achieve a Brighter Smile

Your dental professional in Troy, IL, can give you a lot of advice on how to keep a bright smile on your face. Your smile is often the first thing people notice about you, so let us help you obtain better oral health, cleaner teeth, and the confidence to let your smile shine.

brush your teeth correctly to help your smile

Brush Correctly

Brushing correctly is the most important thing you can do to ensure a beautiful smile. Make sure that you’re always brushing half on the gum and half of the teeth and brush the tops separately. Reach all the way back to brush the entire surface of the back molars.

Take your time and don’t push too hard—speed and pressure cause you to miss spots and may damage your gums.

flossing helps strengthen your smile

Floss Regularly

Most people don’t floss often enough, putting their oral health at risk. Great oral hygiene contributes to whiter teeth, so floss regularly to remove food and bacteria from pockets around the gums and prevent them from bleeding. Note that bleeding is normal if you haven’t flossed in a while. However, if your gums are still bleeding after the first few times, it may indicate more serious issues with your gums.

Flossing also helps avoid unsightly build-up on your teeth and may keep your gums from becoming swollen. If your gums and teeth are unhealthy, they won’t look good no matter how white they are.

routine teeth cleaning keeps your smile intact

Teeth Cleaning

The frequency of teeth cleaning with your dentist or hygienist depends on your overall gum health. Those with healthy gums should get teeth cleaning once or twice a year, based on the accumulation of tartar and stains. People being treated for periodontal disease generally require 3-4 cleanings per year.

teeth whitening improves your smile

Teeth Whitening

There are teeth whitening kits that people use at home but you’ll achieve the best results by going to a dentist. Your Troy, IL, dental professional will put your oral health first before recommending any treatment for cosmetic purposes. However, most people are able to achieve great results from responsible teeth whitening services.

certain foods can stain your smile

Watch What You Eat and Drink

What you eat and drink also impacts the color of your teeth. To preserve a bright smile, limit your intake of dark wine, tea and coffee, and foods that stain, such as berries. The sooner you brush after eating or drinking these items, the less chance they have to stain your pearly whites.

A bright smile is your best accessory. At the end of the day, white teeth give you more confidence in your smile. That’s something you can easily achieve with proper tooth care.

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