Everything You Need to Know About Wisdom Teeth in Troy, Illinois
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Everything You Need to Know About Wisdom Teeth in Troy, Illinois

All You Need to Know About Wisdom Teeth

On average, nine out of 10 people have an impacted tooth. It is, therefore, not a surprise that wisdom tooth removal is one of the most common outpatient surgical procedures. If your dentist has informed you that you are going to have your wisdom tooth removed, it is normal for you to have questions, especially if you are hearing about it for the first time. Below is a discussion of everything you should know concerning wisdom teeth.

wisdom teeth in troy illinoisWhat are Wisdom Teeth?

They are the final set of molars found at the back of the mouth. They appear long after the rest of adult teeth have fully developed. They break through the gum line in the early twenties or late teen years, causing varying levels of discomfort.

Why do people have them?

Wisdom teeth were historically used by our ancestors to grind raw food that was hard to tear. Anthropologists believe that it is due to this historical fact that some of us still grow wisdom teeth. Today, some people do not get wisdom teeth at all, and it is theorized that this is because we do not have evolutionary use for them.

What is an impacted Wisdom Tooth

An impacted wisdom tooth is one that is unable to come out through the gum line because of obstruction from another tooth or teeth. In other words, there is insufficient space for it to sprout. This can lead to severe pain and significant discomfort. To solve this challenge, your dentist may have to perform a teeth extraction procedure.

What can misaligned wisdom teeth lead to?

In some cases, wisdom teeth grow in a crooked way. When this happens, they can cause problems for the surrounding teeth. For instance, they can also damage the jaw and nearby nerves. Therefore, misaligned teeth have to be removed to save you from these apparent problems.

wisdom teeth removal in troy illinoisHow long does recovery from wisdom tooth removal take?

Recovery time varies from one patient to another. It can take a couple of weeks or even a few months. During this time, it is imperative for patients to follow the instructions given by their dentists’ to the letter and avoid taking harsh food and drinks that could damage the stitches.

See a Dentist

Dental health is an integral determinant of your overall wellbeing. Therefore, the importance of the services of a dentist cannot be overemphasized. Find a reliable Dentist in Troy, Illinois for all your dental health needs.

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