Everything you need to know about baby teeth in Edwardsville, IL
Everything you need to know about baby teeth in Edwardsville, IL

FAQs about Baby Teeth: Answered

So your child is starting to lose their baby teeth – this can be a scary time. However, it doesn’t have to be. This is normal; you just need a few facts to be able to handle the situation and educate your children about proper dental health. Regardless of the normalcy, the first lost tooth or wiggly tooth can give some parents anxiety. With that in mind, we’ve put together a few questions and answers that help parents cope and make the right choices when it comes to their child’s oral health. Read on to learn more!

baby teeth

When will my child lose their baby teeth?

Parents can expect to hear about or notice wiggly teeth as early as the age of four. Teeth generally begin to start falling out between the years of 5 and 15. That’s right – children can still have baby teeth as old as high school age, and they may have to get them pulled if they stay in for too long without any sign of falling out.

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Should I pull my child’s loose teeth?

You should probably stay on the safe side and not pull your child’s teeth. There are a couple things to worry about here. First, whatever you’re using to pull the tooth probably isn’t sanitized – that’s a no-no. Second, pulling the tooth prematurely can cause trauma to the gums and cause pain to the child and harm the growth of the new tooth. Finally, imagine the traumatic image your child will have of you after you’ve painfully yanked a tooth from their mouth. Best to let it come out on its own.

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What should I tell my child when they lose their first tooth?

There’s no telling how your child is going to react to losing their first tooth. For some, it’s traumatic no matter how it happens. For others, it’s just another aspect of life to be questioned. Here are a few things you can share with your child to prepare them:

  • It’s completely normal, and it happens to everyone.
  • Don’t worry about swallowing it. You’ll feel it, and if you don’t, it won’t hurt you.
  • It’s okay to go to the nurse if it happens while you’re at school.
  • Keep the tooth in an enclosed container or sandwich bag to bring home.

new baby teeth

When will the new teeth come in?

It may take a while for the new teeth to come in, but the time frame can vary. A new tooth shouldn’t cause too much pain but, can be managed with responsible use of over the counter pain killers.

tooth fairy baby teeth

Is the tooth fairy real?

As dentists, we have no public stance on this. We advocate doing whatever is best for your child. However, skipping on the tooth fairy myth could have them wonder why school friends are cashing in, and they aren’t.

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