Edwardsville, IL Dental: Common causes for tooth pain
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Edwardsville, IL Dental: Common causes for tooth pain

Here’s why your teeth hurt

We all know the feeling of tooth pain – it can be sharp, intense and debilitating. Imagine having your entire body paralyzed by pain caused by one little tooth. It’s a reality, and when it happens, it can be difficult to know what’s causing it or how you can stop the pain. Unfortunately, there are quite a few things that could be causing your teeth (or tooth) to hurt. Read below about some of the most common causes of tooth pain, and contact 8 to 8 Dental for the service you need to alleviate dental pain.


cavities are a reason for tooth pain edwardsville illinoisThese are some of the most common causes of oral pain. A cavity is a part of your tooth that has decayed due to a buildup of bacteria-laden plaque that eats away at your tooth. These are easy to fix when they are small.


If you know what cavities are, then you know what fillings are as well. A filling is what a dentist puts in place of the decayed part of the tooth. When they fall out, nerves and other sensitive areas may be exposed, causing intense pain.

Teeth Grinding/Clenching/TMJ

These conditions involve clenching or grinding your jaws together, which can cause a sore jaw, cracked teeth, and other painful dental problems. These issues may be caused by a number of issues including anxiety, stress and sleeping disorders.

Abscessed Tooth

This happens when a tooth gets infected at its roots. This is an intensely painful condition that’s treated by a dentist and prescribed antibiotics that treat the infection.

Wisdom Teeth

wisdom teeth can cause tooth pain edwardsville illinoisEveryone has wisdom teeth; not everyone needs them removed. Sometimes wisdom teeth grow in straight, causing minimal pain to the patient. However, many times, the wisdom teeth grow in at odd angles that cause pain and threaten your jawline. In these cases, the wisdom teeth must be removed either by pulling them out or cutting them out.

Sensitive Teeth

The pain in your teeth may be caused by oversensitivity due to cracks in the enamel that exposes dentin. You’ll notice this condition when your teeth are exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures that send painful sensations through your gums, jaw, and mouth. This problem can be treated with specialized dental products that repair enamel.

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