Dental Cleaning

Dental Cleaning


Dental Teeth Cleaning for patients in Glen Carbon, IL and the St.Louis Metro-East area.

Have you been to have your teeth cleaned this year? What are you waiting for? Neglecting your annual teeth cleaning could be hazardous to your oral health. In addition to cleaning your teeth, this is a time for your dentist to thoroughly check each tooth and ensure that there are no problems to be fixed or concerned about. When you skip this all-important visit, you may be setting yourself up for toothaches, bad breath, cavities and much more. Unfortunately, some people skip these bi-annual cleanings and risk the health of their teeth. Due to this, we’ve compiled some info on routine teeth cleaning for your benefit.
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Why are professional teeth cleanings necessary?

As we stated before, these visits are necessary for so much more than just cleaning your teeth. While the dentist will provide a deep, thorough clean to your teeth, they’ll also do an inspection of each tooth to evaluate your overall oral health, look for cavities, screen for oral cancer and look for a number of other factors and warning signs. Without regular teeth cleanings, you could develop a wide range of dental problems such as:

• Halitosis
(bad breath)
• Cavities
• Gingivitis

• Tooth Decay

• Loose Teeth
• More…

How often should I have my teeth cleaned at the dentist?

The old rule of thumb is that you should have your teeth professionally cleaned at least once every six months. This is a good rule to follow for parents that want to ensure their children’s teeth are always being properly taken care of. However, as an adult, you may not need teeth cleanings as often, or you may need them more often. The truth is, you should have your teeth cleaned above every six months or as needed. But, you should definitely see a dentist yearly to ensure there are no other problems lurking.

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What can a dentist or dental hygienist do that I can’t?

Dentists and dental hygienists have access to quite a few things that you do not. First of all, they work with state-of-the-art equipment and specially formulated cleaning substances that are specially made for use in dentist offices. Another thing they have that you don’t is perspective. They look down into your mouth with a bright light, illuminating every corner. You have to battle the shadows created by the overhead bathroom light and your mirror.

Benefits of Professional Teeth Cleanings

• Dentist has a chance to find other problems
• Prevent cavities, gingivitis and other dental problems
• Gives the dentist a chance to screen for cancer
• Provides the opportunity to evaluate your overall oral health