Dental work for the whole family

Bringing children to see us early in life teaches them the importance of dental care. We want to take great care of everyone’s teeth with as little discomfort as possible. We specialize in laser dentistry, which makes everything, including fillings, fast and easy.

Welcoming all ages

Whether your child has his or her first tooth or you’re concerned about losing your own teeth due to old age, we have the solutions and benefits that you’re looking to find.

Payment options

We accept most insurance plans. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Care Credit. Ask about our pre-payment discounts.

We’ll take care of you

No matter your age, we want to give you the best dental care possible. We can handle any issues you may be having, and we will get you in and out as quickly as possible. Give us a call today to get started or to ask us any questions that you have.

Porcelain Veneers

Quick and effective solutions for chipped, cracked or worn teeth, our techniques can also close gaps or disguise discolored teeth and straighten slightly misaligned teeth without braces. Metal-free, all ceramic crowns and on lays are used to restore seriously damaged teeth. Ceramic is extremely strong, and it looks natural.

Crowns & Bridges

Repairing your mouth is easier than you think.

The ways crowns and veneers have been done hasn’t been changed in decades. At our office, we’re looking to change this. You’ll get access to innovative treatments using high-tech computers to make tooth colored “Cerec” crowns and fillings.

What is Cerec?

We are so confident that you’ll love our solutions to your crown or veneer problems, that if you maintain the recommended cleaning appointments with our office, we’ll warranty any Cerec procedures we do for you. We can even replace your existing fillings!

Standing behind the product

We accept many insurance plans and will be happy to file your claims for you. If you don’t have insurance and you’re worried about paying for services, we offer a wide range of payment options including payment plans. We never want money to stand in the way of your oral care!

Don’t let money hold you back

Cerec stands for ceramic reconstruction. It imitates the physical properties and appearance of our natural teeth, making it a fantastic replacement for standard materials.

Teeth Whitening

Improve your smile with whitening.

Many things can contribute to teeth discoloration, including the things you eat and drink to the medications you take and more. We will figure out what is causing your problem and get you on the right path to a brighter, whiter smile!

Proper care at home is key

Taking care of your teeth at home is essential to the longevity of your smile. We will show you proven tools, like the Rota-dent, that will help you care for your teeth at home more easily.

How it works

When you trust us for your whitening needs, you’ll get a solution customized just for you. We will create custom-fit teeth whitening appliances based on a mold of your mouth. We then give you instructions customized to your needs and help you plan at home cleaning routines.

Results and convenience

We want to give you the bright, white smile of your dreams. We have over 29 years of experience serving people just like you, and we will work hard to ensure you love your smile again. Most major insurance is accepted, and we offer payment plans for those who need them.

Dental Implants

Replacing missing teeth

Millions of Americans suffer from tooth loss every year for a wide variety of reasons. Whether you suffer from gum disease, tooth decay, or have lost teeth for any other reason, dental implants are a great way to get your beautiful smile back.

What do dental implants do?

Dental implants take the place of your natural tooth roots. They allow us to give you permanent or removable replacement teeth to cover the ones that you’ve lost.

Benefits include:

  • Durability
  • Convenience
  • Restoration of your smile
  • Easier time eating
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Long-lasting results

Restoring your smile

We accept many insurance plans, but be sure to check with your insurance company to determine if they will cover the cost of your dental implants. Give us a call today to get started with dental implants or any other services we offer.