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When you come to a dentist, you want to be sure that they're going to offer you all of the services you've come to expect. We aren't your ordinary practice — we believe that you deserve top-notch care by a friendly and personal staff who listens to your concerns. We want to deliver you that care.

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Preventing issues from happening is the ideal solution to your dental problems. We offer a wide range of preventative care options to keep your smile looking its best.

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What are your dental treatment needs?

Before we begin your treatment we will fully evaluate your needs and discuss them with you to find out what is important for you.  You will never be forced to make an immediate decision.  Dr. Cameron may have different options of care that you can selection from.  The type of treatment, cost,  and long term expectations will be discussed. Your questions and concerns will be addressed.  Only then can you determine what is the best care for you.  We do not believe in high pressure treatment decisions. You deserve better than this!


Once your approval has been established and you feel comfortable with our staff, we can begin your care.  Your treatment may be able to be prioritized by Dr Cameron so that we can do the most important care first to keep your smile healthy and insure comfort.  This may allow you to also make your dental experience more affordable.  Very seldom is treatment an all or nothing deal or a must do right now need.  Yes, we care about your dental health, but we also care about you!


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