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Do you have questions about our practice or the things we offer? Are you unsure about your insurance coverage and want some answers? We have compiled a few of our most frequently asked questions and made them easily available here.

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Quite often, we can call your insurance company and they will allow you to go out-of-network. The insurance may or may not be covered at the same rate. We will find this out for you. We do not belong to any of these discounted insurance programs. Their coverage is often 35-45% below the normal fee for dental services. This means that we would have to dramatically alter the quality of service that we provide you; or, our normal fee of service patients would have to subsidize your dental care by paying high fees for their dental care. We feel neither option is an ethical approach. At 8 to 8 Dental, all patients pay the same fees for their dental care, whether they have insurance or not and it is not dependent on the type of insurance they have.

My insurance says that I must go to a dentist on their list and your office is not on it. Can I still go to your office?

This is not necessary. We would prefer to use more recent x-rays for your diagnosis. We would also like you to receive the benefit of digital x-rays, which have a superior diagnostic quality. If additional information is needed from your previous records we will assist you in retrieving them.

Should I get my old x-rays from my last dentist?

After your examination, we will be able to help you make decisions. Lots of options exist; we will describe the benefits and the cost of each one. Then you can decide how to proceed.

How do I know what type of treatment I need?

Frequently asked questions

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